Saturday, May 23, 2009

Campo de Criptana

Last weekend, I went to Campo de Criptana, a small town in the province of Ciudad Real not far from Madrid. I came here to find one of my favourite things to photograph – the Windmill. In fact, there were ten of them spread out across the plain. I noticed that the houses here are built on undulating slopes, along narrow streets, many of them bearing the characteristic white washed with blue skirting look. Mykonos!!! Greek island!! Spain’s very own Mykonos!! I was absolutely thrilled about what this idyllic little town has to offer.

Since it was lunch time, I was expecting to settle and find food in what I imagined to be a “rustic little family-run eatery”. Right by the windmills, I saw Las Musas Restaurante, Bar y Terraza. It was anything but what I had expected. Modern, clean, fancy. And the waitress spoke English.

Las Musas Restaurante, Bar y Terraza, interior, terrace & rooftop

Above: Vegetable tempura with duck ham. Bottom: Lomo de Cerdo with Chorizo.

I haven’t figured out where I’m headed this weekend but I'll figure it out soon. Watch out for updates!!

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