Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1st trip to Andalucía and I’ll be baacccck!

Backtrack with me please.

Shortly after I first arrived in Madrid, I had to travel down south to a splendid port city on the Costa Del Sol of Andalucía, facing the Mediterranean sea, for an intensive one week Spanish immersion course.

That city was Málaga. I was enrolled in Malaca Instituto, which is a really fantastic campus that provides accommodation, Spanish lessons and offer lots of activities and opportunities for you to learn more about the Spanish culture. They have the most superb & patient teachers I’ve ever met. I wish I could have spent more time there instead of a week! All my classmates were staying for months!

My school and classmates out on an excursion

There was so much to see & do in Málaga but so little time. I tried to get out of the campus every day after finishing my homework and explored as much as I could, and of course for the Mediterranean seafood!

You can check out the Picasso Museum, watch a Bullfight, visit the Catedrals, or go shopping at Marqués de Larios.

One other highlight of Málaga is their moorish fortress - La Alcazaba, which was unfortunately closed when I got there. Personally though, I was happy just strolling along the beach or being anywhere near the sea.

Besides Málaga, there're other fabulous coastal cities in Andalucía like Marbella. So, I'll be back!

P/S: My thoughts and prayers go out to the crew & passengers of the vanished Air France flight 447. It's such an awful thing to happen, hope some light can be shed soon.

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