Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oslo in 48 hours

I spent my weekend in Oslo, where the sun sets at 11pm and rises again at 4am.
Just 48 hours, ludicrous right? Wish I had more time.

There's just something special about Oslo..the city is fun & the people are friendly & I wanna buy an apartment at Aker Brygge!! I think I'm just high from the excitement of being in Scandinavia for the 1st time :p Anyway, on Saturday 6 June, they celebrated National Music Day with Musikfest Oslo. With more than 20 outdoor stages set up all over the city, you FEEL music thumping round every corner before you can even see them. The whole city was like one big, live jamming party. There were bands and solo artistes, representing all sorts of genres - electro pop, rock, hip-hop, acapella, folk, etc.

I love the sound of this band, I don't know who they are tho..

Jamming everywhere...

The people...

Around the city, it's so easy to move around on foot (or by tram). You can walk from the central station all the way to the end of the wharf at AkerBrygge and cover everything in between.

Oslo Central Station

Stortinget, The Parliament

Christiania torv square in Kvadaturen

The Nobel Peace Center

City Hall

Aker Brygge, the city's seafront boardwalk

The Opera House, by the bank of Bjorvika Bay. It's a play with geometry, the sloping ground resembling ice bergs. Further away from the city center, there's the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

One man, Gustav Vigeland, created all of the 650 human figures depicting man's existence on earth. It's pretty amazing as this park is huge. And on the Bygd√ły peninsular...

Huk Beach

A reconstructed Viking Ship at the Viking Ship Museum

Candies, soap, pottery...for sale at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

That's it! Oslo in 2 days :)) Check it out here!


  1. Its very nice!! But your photos very small!! =@ can make bigger?..I am getting old!


  2. Thanks. I just tried to enlarge them, hope they're better now ;P


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