Friday, August 14, 2009

Fisheye #2 - Collection 1

I can't believe this is my first ever post on photos taken with my LOMO Fisheye 2.
(I have since bought a Holga 135BC.)
Anyway, here are just a few I have decided to post, shot around Madrid and Salamanca.

My first roll was really just experimental (excuses, excuses..but I'm sticking to it!).
Most of the time I didn't turn on the flash when I really should have, and others were wasted on accidental firing of the shutter as I didn't lock it. It's SO sensitive!!
As a result, I have 3 pics of my lens cover, which is extremely embarassing.

Also, I made the mistake of developing the photos instead of having them scanned onto a CD in the lab. So I ended up scanning the pictures myself on my scanner and they all looked kinda crappy.

I do have a favourite in this 1st batch though.

An alley in Salamanca, edited in sepia.

I must admit I didn't put to good use the cool functions of the Fisheye #2 (like exploring the long exposure capability or the multi-exposure switch). I will do so next time ;o)

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