Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Long Weekend

Donostia - San Sebastián here I come!!! Why? >> Because I want to endeavour to celebrate, wherever I am, in true Spanish style. Why? >> Because although I may not be in the capital, I still want to be in Spain! Why? >> Because I wanna go up North, say 'Kaixo!" instead of 'Hola!' and stuff myself silly with "pintxos"! Why? >> Because many locals will be "doing a bridge" (haciendo puente), i.e., taking an extra day off thus extending the weekend. Why? >> Because most businesses and shops will be closed. Why? >> Because there’ll be a celebration involving a military parade in Madrid, with participants from all the other regions of Spain. Why? >> Because a date was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's voyage & arrival on the Americas in 1492. Why? >> Because next Monday, 12th October, Spaniards will be celebrating their National Day (Fiesta Nacional de España), or Día de la Hispanidad.

¡¡Hasta Luego!!

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