Monday, February 1, 2010

Soria, Castilla y León

Beauty. Inspiration. Poetry.
These are the 3 commonly used words to describe the essence of Soria.

Situated by the side of the Duero river in the region of Castilla y León, there's a quiet, small town in the province of the same name called Soria.

The ancient legend of its past and the timeless, charming tranquillity that it exudes were known to have inspired several famous Spanish writers & poets, who had produced great literary works in and about Soria.

Above: One of the quiet streets leading to Plaza Mayor.

Above: The Banco de España located at Plaza de San Esteban.

Above: The 12th Century Church of Santo Domingo, noted for its rich Romanesque façade and its huge rose window.

Above: A serene walk along the tree-lined banks of the river Duero leads to the San Saturio Hermitage, where the patron saint of Soria (Saint Saturius) once lived.

Above: Perched on a hillside, the San Saturio Hermitage actually sits over a cave.

Above: Up-close at the entrance of the San Saturio Hermitage.

Above: A plaque of famous Sevillian Poet, Antonio Machado. He penned his poem, "Campos de Castilla" based on the inspirations he drew while living in this little town. One of his favourite places was the riverside walk.

Above: The province today, is still very much about shepherding and agriculture.

Above: Ruins of the Ucero Castle, near Soria.

Above: An abandoned railway track.

For more information on Soria, click here.


  1. Ok, I have to admit I had to look this spot up on the map. Those open field shots -- a place frozen in time. So does this mean 2010 brings you wandering far off the paths? Perhaps Alcañiz is on your radar ;-)

    cool photo stream!

  2. Hey hi! Thanks, it's nice to hear from you again :) And thanks for the suggestion! I will keep in view Alcañiz the next time I travel in that direction. How was your trip? Do share!:)


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