Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inside España, the official e-Newsletter on Spain!

I chanced upon an interesting resource recently that I’d like to share.

It is the website of
Inside España, where you can sign up for the official e-newsletter by the Spain Tourism Board, specially catered to Singapore, Australia and India.

Inside España gives you monthly updates on the latest scoop into what’s hot & happening in Spain, covering topics such as the arts, culture, entertainment, gastronomy, travel tips and more.

Whether you're planning a trip to Spain or you simply have an insatiable curiosity to know more about this vibrant country, just tap into the informative resources provided for you to quench that thirst for the Spanish culture. At the same time, be kept up-to-date and informed of the exciting activities organised by the Spain Tourism Board in Singapore.

Images courtesy of the Spain Tourism Board.

Sign up now for their e-newsletter, and take a look at what’s in store Inside España!
(Also, you can check out their recent interview with me in their April/May issue!)

What’s more, Inside España is also on
Facebook! Join the community, connect with like minded individuals and start receiving updates on their latest news and events. You can also get access to past e-newsletter issues and lots of cool video clips all about Spain!

Here, check out one of the videos from the latest "I need Spain" campaign.

Video courtesy of the Spain Tourism Board.

Click here to watch the rest of the videos.

For more information or queries, email singapore@tourspain.es

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  1. Hi! Such an interesting site from the other side of the planet (i´m actually "inside Spain" :))!!!
    just one thing: once in Valencia, you must not miss: 1. sunrise on the beach (without taking anything with yourself if you want to have a bath in the see - 99% you´ll be stolen.. but you can avoid it, and it´s worth!) 2. Paella 3. rent a bicycle and discover the whole city including going to Port Saplaya (beautiful port 4km from the "Malvarrosa" beach). And obviously, stay at one of our hostels :)
    Saludos de Valencia!


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