Monday, May 10, 2010

The "i am not a tourist" Fair 2010, Madrid!

Every now and then, I get e-mails from my readers asking me what is it like living in Spain. Some of whom are planning to take the plunge and move to Spain, while others are just settling in and about to start their new life here. And then there are some who’re just like me. Been here for a while, not a local but definitely not a tourist either, nonetheless always happy to connect, learn more and feel more at home in our adopted country.

So here’s possibly one of the best advice I can share. Happening next month @ the Hilton Madrid Airport Hotel on Saturday 12 June, EXPATICA brings their annual “i am not a tourist” fair to Madrid for the very first time! Do check it out!
Click above to get your tickets!
This is a community & lifestyle fair catered for internationals and expatriates living and working in Spain, whether you are a newbie or you consider yourself ‘almost local’. There's more to this one day fair than just helping you find answers to important issues such as housing, jobs, education, etc. It offers a wide range of valuable resources to help you settle in plus get you acquainted with social clubs & the international community, enabling you to adapt to your new environment with greater ease and confidence.
Looks like there'll be lots of interesting activities throughout to guarantee a fun day out too. For more information and details on the programme and activities available, check out the fair’s official website here.
So if you’re looking for opportunities or information to make the most out of your life in Spain, this will be a great place to look. Be sure to get your tickets and save the date in your calendar!

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