Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Murcia City, Murcia [Part IV of IV]

Finally, I've come to the last post of the 4 part series on my holidays in south-eastern Spain. (There's much more to come!)

By now, I'm already nicely sun-kissed by the summer sun after hours of frolicking at the beaches of Dénia, Mar Menor & Alicante, as well as from roaming through the port city of Cartagena.

Packing away my bikini & beach mat and dusting off the last grains of sand from my sandals, I've decided to take a break from being near the sea and wander inland as I head to Murcia City.

Incidentally, just a short while ago I've read an article about learning to take better photos by leaving your camera behind. This is to help you truly feel the new surroundings with your senses, and not be distracted by constantly looking through the viewfinder, allowing everything else outside it to fall away.

So I decided to try that out. (Well I kind of cheated because my digital camera was in my bag while I left the DSLR in the hotel! This practice is easier said than done, ha!) Anyhow as you can see, I managed to not take many shots at all.

I walked along the outside of the city centre, down Gran Vía before cutting into a small street that leads into the heart of the historical centre.

Above: Casa Cerdá, the most prominent building at Santo Domingo Square. It houses some of the biggest brand names in fashion.

From Plaza Santo Domingo, the main avenue of medieval and renaissance Murcia - La Trapería Street - runs all the way down until it reaches the most important religious building in the city, the Cathedral of Santa María.

Above: Santo Domingo Square, leading to Trapería Street.

Above: The heavily decorated façade of the Royal Casino of Murcia, located along Trapería Street.

Above: View of the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Santa María from Trapería Street. The Cathedral dates back to the 14th century and was built over the place where a Moorish Mosque once stood.

As it turned out, I had a wonderful afternoon wandering around the city alone, spending time admiring the architectural details of some of Murcia's most important buildings, observing the locals buzzing about in their daily lives as I sip coffee from a café, and then more walking.

No pressure, no rush, no tons of photos waiting to be edited. Just a closer intimacy with the new place without the camera constantly coming in between - a refreshing way to wrap up this trip.

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