Monday, September 27, 2010

Brand New Serrano!!! 25 September 2010, Madrid

I have a love-hate relationship with cobblestone or sett paved streets. I love how they lend character to an old town, but I hate how they are so uncomfortable to walk on!

I already love this barrio where I live as it is, but can you imagine my excitement when some of the small streets in the Salamanca district and more importantly, the whole stretch of Serrano Street - the quintessential chic haven for luxury shopping in Madrid - were having a make-over?

I think I took the above photo more than a year ago, when parts of the road were dug up in a messy pile. I remember thinking how I can’t wait for this to be over…and that I’d save this picture for this blog post.

After many months of road diversions, construction mess, and intolerable noise and air pollution, I’m glad to see the hard work finally come to fruition yesterday, 25 September 2010 - the official launch date of the brand new Serrano. On this day, Calle de Serrano was closed off to cars and transformed into a pedestranized walkway covered in a strip of pink carpet, resembling a long gift ribbon.

Apart from smoother roads for cars and wider, leveled pavements for pedestrians, this renovation also added a bicycle lane for cyclists and new underground parking.
¡QuĂ© bien!

The whole stretch of road was pumping with music and alive with all sorts of activities including make-up courses by M.A.C., mock cover shots by Yo Dona magazine, Mini Countryman test drives, Xbox 360 gaming booths, kids entertainment and of course, the very important food tents where everyone can refill and recharge.

Congratulations, Serrano! You’ve finally returned to full glory.

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