Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perfect, Puffy, Prata

Allow me to introduce the Perfect, Puffy, Prata.

The Prata is a Southern Indian dish particularly popular in Singapore.

Made mainly with flour, ghee (clarified butter), water and some salt & sugar, the dough needs to be hand kneaded and flipped to perfection before being folded and fried on a hot plate.

We Singaporeans, can eat pratas for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner or supper.

Those that do not make the cut are usually just flat and greasy. BUT these ones...they are light, airy and not too oily. They're also crispy on the outside and puffy on the inside, PLUS, they were served with just the right kind of yummy curry gravy.

Now if only I could replicate this when I get back to Madrid.


  1. wahhhhhhh
    with fish curry...

  2. I'm glad someone asked. No it's not from the famous Jalan Kayu Prata Shop. It's just from the humble 'Banquet' Foodcourt Parkway Parade Branch! The guy at this stall must make prata with passion ;)


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