Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santander, Cantábria

So here's a quick recap of the previous 6-part posts.

I've spent 3 days on a roadtrip following Frommer's "The Green Belt of Asturias" driving tour route, covering most of the key stops. (It does span across to the neighbour province of Cantábria really.)

Day 1: Madrid > Oviedo > Gijón
Day 2: Gijón > Mirador del Fito > Cangas de Onís > Potes
Day 3: Potes > The Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana > Fuente Dé & Mirador del Cable

For the rest of Day 3 - 4, I finished off with my own itinerary, moving on eastward to the port city of Santander, the capital of Cantábria.

Above: The statue of the famous Cantabrian war hero, Pedro Velarde at Plaza de Porticada

Santander is an attractive Cantábrian coastal city in the north of Spain though its historic center is clustered along the harbour, facing inwards at the bay of Santander.

Widely known to be the summer retreat of King Alfonso XIII during the 20th century, the city was also a popular seaside destination favoured by the Spanish upper class.

Apart from enjoying Santander’s fine sandy beaches and maritime activities, one can also admire the elegant buildings, churches and plazas while wandering around the city center. Of course, do not leave before savouring a delectable seafood meal at Barrio Pesquero.

Above: Edificio de Correos, the Post Office.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Santander or, quite simply, the Cathedral of Santander.

Above: Plaza de Pombo, a popular meeting place or central hub of the city.

Above: Plaza de Porticada.

Above: Inside of the Mercado del Este, the East Market.
Built in the 1800s, it underwent a major renovation in 1986.

Above: Iglesia de Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

Above: Iglesia de la Anunciación.

Above: Mercado de la Esperanza, where you can find the freshest fish.

Above: The impressive façade of the Bank of Santander headquarters.
The building is in fact, not symmetric.

Above: The Ayuntamiento or Town Hall of Santander.

Above: Playa del Camello, one of the many beaches the city is blessed with.

Above: The lighthouse - Faro de Cabo Mayor.

Above: Looking out towards the Cantábria sea from the lighthouse.

Above: Horses grazing near Cabo Mayor.

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