Saturday, December 25, 2010

UFOs at Plaza Mayor

Madrid, like many other cities all over the world, is beautifully decorated and alive during Christmas. Colourful lights illuminate all the major streets, and lavish embellishment covers the fa├žade of every shopping mall. Christmas trees, makeshift ice skating rinks and Christmas markets are set up all about town. Folks adorn Santa hats and reindeer antlers everywhere, and long lines are seen at lottery counters as everyone feverishly takes a chance on the Christmas lottery. It may not be a white Christmas here, but there is certainly a buzz of excitement in the air.

Naturally, Madrid is in chaos during the days leading up to Christmas. Choked with traffic and frantic shoppers, the shopping streets are best avoided unless you're one of them last minute shoppers! Being the early bird sort, I'm glad that I can stay away from all that madness. Afterall, I've been here for a while and I’ve almost seen it all, well, enough to know that the Christmas lights are cleverly recycled year after year.

Yesterday evening however (on Christmas eve when most people would have been done shopping and filling up the space under their Christmas trees), I decided to take a walk downtown to check out the Christmas market scene at Madrid's Plaza Mayor.

Even though these UFO lights are recycled from the previous year, they still looked awesome blanketing over the entire Plaza Mayor!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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