Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On some days, my desk could look almost like this...

But this is NOT my desk, thankfully.

What it is (if you haven't come across it yet), is part of the wall of 'The Corona Save the Beach Hotel', or simply 'The Rubbish Hotel'.

With 12 tonnes of junk collected from some of Europe's beaches, German sculptor H.A. Shult fabricated this recycled hotel to bring awareness to the problem of pollution affecting the coastlines as part of the 'Corona Save the Beach Project'.

The hotel set up at Callao here in Madrid the past week is not just an art installation.
It actually has 5 double rooms and was in fact opened to the public for free stay.
It was about to be dismantled when I saw it yesterday, but it might just be coming to a city near you next.

I think I just found my inspiration for spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year next month...

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