Monday, March 7, 2011

Carnaval Madrid 2011

Referred to as Mardi Gras in some places, Madrid celebrates pre-lent Carnaval 2011 from March 4 – 9, with a line-up of activities including costume contests, street parades & performances held at various venues.

Here’s what I caught on Saturday evening – a whimsical & surreal masquerade parade, featuring a mish-mash of clowns, stilt-walkers, aliens, fire-eaters, witches, acrobats, fairy-tale characters, etc... – dancing through the heart of town by the Puerta de Alcalá!

The Carnaval wraps up this Wednesday, March 9 with the totally bizarre sounding "Burial of the Sardine" procession. Go catch it if you're curious!

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  1. Say what you like about the Spanish, but you can never accuse them of being half-hearted when it comes to throwing a fiesta


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