Monday, June 13, 2011


Monster Trucks, that is!

Last Saturday saw 10 of America’s famed Monster Truckers & their “mean machines” packing in the crowds and causing a storm at the Monster Jam Show in Madrid’s Vicente Calderón Stadium!

This is one show that I’d never expect to catch live so I decided to go for it. I even got tickets for the pre-show Pit Party to get up close to the monster trucks and rub shoulders with the drivers. Not bad for just an additional 5€!

Check out some of the trucks up close!

Above: Pretty in pink "Madusa" was driven by Debrah Miceli - the only female in the competition!

After the Pit Party, the drivers got their trucks ready for the night’s competition. The show started off nice and easy with some basic circuit runs and intensified through the night with more daring, free-style stunts.

Above: "El Toro Loco", complete with horns, going loco in the circuit..naturally it's got the loudest cheer from the Spanish crowd.

Above: "Grave Digger" leaping over 4 brand new minis...this stunt is NOT to be confused with car crushing!

Lots of wheelies, car crushing, donut spins and massive air leaps! It was wildly entertaining! As the trucks advanced in the competition, more and more started flipping over. No one got injured though, after all, they’re pros!

Above: Spidey flipping over while crunching cars. [Click to enlarge]

Above: "Mohawk Warrior" doing Donut Spins. [Click to enlarge]

Above: George Balhan of "Mohawk Warrior" - the ultimate warrior indeed.

Above: Fireworks mark the finale of the event.

The winner of the competition is none other than George Balhan driving his “Mohawk Warrior” Monster Truck – my favourite from the very beginning! Coming in close at 2nd place was Charlie Pauken driving “Grave Digger”, another crowd favourite.

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