Friday, August 12, 2011

Art on a Building, Madrid

While out having lunch one day, I stumbled upon this striking building on the corner where Calle Campoamor & Calle Orellana meet. I can't believe I've never noticed it before!

The artwork on this 19th century reburbished building was done by painter, Jack Babiloni. It was apparently completed in under a month, using just 4 paint colours.
The unconventional idea of juxtaposing modern art on an old building is so refreshing.
Just one of the things I love about Madrid!


  1. Wow...never a dull moment there! Thanks for sharing this pic :)

  2. Yes, I also love this building next to Alonso Martinez, of which I also took photos. There are some interesting similar paintings near plaza Luna ;)


  3. And that was sure extra cool! The idea impressed me, it's very creative and attractive.I'm pretty sure that whoever passes along the way will not miss to turn his/her head. It's not just extra ordinary, it's an art of beauty and talent.


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