Sunday, November 27, 2011

Toulouse, France {Part III of VII}

Some describe Toulouse as ‘la ville en rose’- the city in pink - thanks to the mostly red brick buildings radiating a warm, pink blush as sunlight hits. One of the major cities in the Southwest of France, Toulouse is also a stopover place for pilgrims doing the ‘Walk of Saint James’ on route across the Pyrenees into Spain.

Place du Capitole, the centre of this pink city, is dominated by the imposing Capitole Building that houses the Town Hall and the Theatre du Capitole. Around this main square, lots of smaller lanes lead you to discover Toulouse’s churches, museums and charming little cafes and shops.

Beyond its ‘rosy’ image preserved by its historical centre, Toulouse is also a high tech city home to the Airbus Headquarters and one other interesting attraction, the Space City. I didn’t managed to go check that out but I’m sure it’s worth a visit!

Above: The fountain of poet, Pierre Goudouli in Wilson Square.

Above & Below: Place du Capitole

Above: Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade

Above: Pont Neuf or 'new bridge' over the Garonne River.

Above: Just like how Provence is famous for its lavender, Toulouse is famous for its violets! You can find all things violet here, from soap to candy.

My obsession with duck dishes continues...

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