Friday, December 9, 2011

Figueres, Spain {Part VII of VII}

After visiting the picturesque Montserrat, the final stop on my list for this road trip is the town of Figueres, situated at the northeast corner of Spain near Costa Brava.

Much like many other Spanish towns, Figueres has a historic center boasting impressive neo-classical architecture, encircled by a medieval wall that’s more than 3 kilometers long. It has an 18th century Castle of Sant Ferran sitting on top of a hill, and also a main promenade La Rambla where commercial activities take place. Typical and somewhat insipid?

Hold on, Figueres does have something pretty extraordinary up its sleeves.

Above: The exterior of the Teatre Museu Gala Salvador Dalí building.

Just like how Barcelona is synonymous with the magnificent architect Gaudí and his great works, Figueres is similarly so with the flamboyant and eccentric artist, Salvador Dalí. Born in 1904 and laid to rest 84 years later in this very town, Dalí is recognised world-wide for his surrealist works and his iconic moustache trademark.

Designed by the man himself and housing several of his renowned whimsical, dream-like and provocative pieces, the Dalí Theatre Museum is definitely a 'must-see' attraction in Figueres for fans and non-fans alike!

Above: My favourite installation has got to be this one called "The Face of Mae West" - a painting of a 19th century American actress that came to life in the form of a living space!

Above: One of the few souvenir shops outside the museum that sell replicas of Dalí's works and other surrealist-themed art works.

Above: The Church of Sant Pere, where Dalí had his baptism, first communion and later, his funeral. After death, Dalí's body was buried in a crypt at the basement of his museum.

Together with the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Teatre Museu Gala Salvador Dalí in Figueres certainly goes into my list of favourite museums in Spain.

Finally, we've come to the end of my series of posts on the road-trip. Look out for my new posts soon!

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