Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girona, Spain {Part V of VII}

After travelling through the French cities of Lourdes, Toulouse & Carcassonne, we finally crossed back into the Spanish border, arriving in the evening at the city of Girona.

Girona may not be as popular as Barcelona (which is just an hour plus away), but it does make an attractive stop-over spot. Easy to explore on foot, the old town of Girona offers a mix of attractions that include the old city walls, churches, museums and an old Jewish quarter.

Running through the heart of the city is the Onyar River, and one of the ‘must do’ (also my favourite on the list) is to get onto one of the many bridges for a picturesque view of the riverside houses along it.

Then, take a stroll down Rambla de Libertat, the main thoroughfare which runs parallel to the river in the old town. As the street gradually tapers and splits, get lost in the narrow cobbled stone alleys and stairs… you’ll never know what you’ll chance upon.

Above: Expect the unexpected - I walked right into a face-off between a car and a giant bee! All part of the Festival de Sant Narcis street celebrations.

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