Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prague, the jewel of Czech Republic

Following the 1989 Velvet Revolution that brought an end to its communist rule, Prague - the capital city of Czech Republic since 1993 - has undoubtedly become one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Walking through the cobbled streets in the old town of Prague is like reading a history book filled with an enchanting mix of fairy tale, myth and folk. It's no wonder that this medieval city is inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list. Every corner you turn, you’ll stumble upon monuments of amazing architecture like the fascinating Astronomical Clock Tower, the stunning twin towers of the Tyn Church, or the prominent pedestrian Charles Bridge. Unraveling the story behind each of them is part of the fun in exploring this attractive city.

Separated by the Vltava River, both the east and west banks of the city have their own unique appeals. The east side is primarily split into the Old Town and the New Town. Most of the monumental buildings are clustered in the Old Town while sights in the New Town include Na Příkopě Street, Wenceslas Square and the Dancing House.

A cafe at the art nouveau style Hlavni Nadrazi (Prague's main train station)

Stained glass exterior of the Prague Municipal House

Caffe Per Lei in the Old Town

The Astronomical Clock Tower

View from the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower

Trdlo - traditional Czech pastry

Gingerbread Hearts

Charcoal grilled šunka

Prague Old Town in the day

The Vltava River

Charles Bridge

Na Příkopě Street

Wenceslas Square

Tančící dům building, also known as the Dancing House

Atop a hill on the west side of the Vltava River is the Castle district whose huge compound houses gardens, palaces and the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral. South of the Castle district is an area known as Lesser Town, where several other interesting sights can be found.

View of Charles Bridge from Lesser Town

Prague Castle at night as seen on Charles Bridge

Prague Trams

Memorial to the Victims of Communism

The Lennon Wall

An ornate lamp post outside the castle

The Renaissance Schwarzenberg Palace

Royal Gardens

St. Vitus Cathedral

View from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral

Krizik's Fountain

For more photos, check out my Flickr set here.

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