Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catching up on the past

I started a blog a few years ago when I moved to China to update family and friends about my life away from home. Now it’s about time to start a new one since I am in a new place with new aspirations. Focus will be on my travels and pictures taken, and the occasional miscellany. Since I have already done a fair bit of traveling in Spain and around, this blog is way overdue.

In the following posts I will gather some of my favourite pictures taken over the past several months. Thereafter I will diligently post new pictures as I go along.


  1. To lead such life very few can afford. For we mostly live in our own little cages, fluttering ever now and then. I salute you for being courageous and passionate. Do live the dream, that many like I am afraid to follow. Always remember the sands of time.

  2. Here i will follow and anticipate..awaiting for your many surprises!

  3. oh taazzy leslie! aren't we ALL in a cage of some sort? perhaps sometimes it's just a state of mind? thanks for the encouragement, tho I am yet to be living my true dream for I have too many.. but when I do I'll let you know, hope u get to live yours too :)

    thanks too, Val!


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