Thursday, May 28, 2009

La belle vie!

Earlier this month, I made an impromptu visit to La Teste-de-Buch, a quiet little town near Bordeaux, France. This is my 2nd visit, my first being almost exactly a year ago over the May Day holidays! All in all it was a 7 hour drive north from Madrid, with a brief refreshment stopover at the coastal resort town of St. Jean de Luz (just after the border from Spain into France).

St. Jean de Luz is a fishing port also known for being a resort destination. It has a nice beach lined with small shops, restaurants and hotels, and also a charming medieval town center.

Arriving at La Teste-de-Buch, once again I was welcomed into the lovely home (which I secretly call ‘my summer weekend chateau’) of my gracious hosts. Looking out through the window, I feel so far, far away...from the Madrid city madness.

Isn’t it tranquil out there? In the evening, we went to a quaint little restaurant by a berth. The sun was almost set and the place looked so serene.

Southern France delicacy – "Magret de Canard" - the breast meat of duck. This dish costs about 20€. Très délicieux!!!

Apart from the magret, La Teste has another gem - The Dune de Pyla.

Above aerial view pics taken from here.

The dune is almost a rectangular strip with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a thick pine forest on the other. It's more than 100m high and slants at about 40⁰ at its steepest part. Great place for some sea sports or just to chill out unless you hate the thought of having fine sand all over you. I had a wonderful time!! Thanks to a great place and awesome friends! :) p/s: We did make a trip to Bordeaux and visited a few vineyards but I'll leave that for another time!

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