Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Support Madrid 2016! Candidate city for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games

What the official logo of the Madrid 2016 Olympic Bid represents:
A bright and colourful open hand representing “unity among the different cultures, people, and nationalities that coexist in Madrid.”
As well as “a friendly greeting where one appreciates the freshness of Madrid and its people.”
Besides Madrid, the other shortlisted candidates are Tokyo, Chicago and Rio De Janerio.

Naturally, I have an affinity with Singapore, Beijing and Madrid for they are cities which I have lived in or am living in. Both Beijing and Singapore have won in their bids (for the Olympic & Paralympic Games 2008 and Youth Olympics 2010 respectively) and I hope Madrid will win in theirs for 2016! :)

The bid will culminate on 2nd of October this year in Copenhagen. Good luck Madrid!

Speaking about the Olympics, one of the already existing sporting venues for Madrid 2016 is the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, also the home of Real Madrid C.F.

Even though I’m not a soccer fan, I did the ‘Tour Bernabéu’ last summer and I was very impressed. Besides being spotlessly clean & organized, the stadium exudes grandeur with its 85,000 sitting capacity. When there’re no matches, you can just pay a small fee and get in there for an internal panaromic view of the stadium, check out Real Madrid C.F.’s history & Trophies Exhibition Hall, the Pitch, the Presidential Box, Players’ Tunnel and Bench, even the Dressing Rooms, Press Room and the huge Bernabéu Store.

I can only imagine the immense spirit of sporting camaraderie and level of testosterones brewing in there on a match day…

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