Friday, June 26, 2009

Singapore Part I - Little India

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got back in Singapore, was to satisfy my craving for spicy food. So I went to Little India ;). There're a few restaurants which have been nicely spruced up in this old part of town, and one of them is Gayatri Restaurant.

They were all yummy!!

The waiters use wireless phones to send orders to the kitchen, and as if the service wasn't fast enough, they even have this nifty gadget on every table.
Prices on the average are about S$15-S$20 per person. They have combined technology with great food and fantastic service. These guys have certainly gotten their recipe for success right.
[Side track - This actually reminded me of an incident at a fancy indian restaurant which I use to frequent in Beijing. On nights that I prefer to order in, I would call the restaurant and sometimes, the chinese staff will take the call. Once, 10 minutes after my phone order was taken by the chinese staff, the Indian owner called me again to re-take my order. Then I realised that internally they have a major communication problem. I should have been annoyed but somehow I found it funny :)]

After dinner, the natural thing to do was to do some night shopping at Mustafa Center (a hypermart which is open 24 hrs), where you can find everything and anything, and end up buying something even if you wanted nothing.

In between getting lost and finding myself, I only managed to snap a few pics inside the Mustafa labyrinth. I was mostly distracted by what they have on sale in there.

All the curry & spices you can possibly imagine can be found in their food section

Just one of the many walls of colourful bangles & accessories

Finally, I got out by midnight.
The human traffic disappeared and the busy streets are now quieter.
That's when you know the weekend is over.

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  1. I love going to Little India too when I'm home. Somehow I see it with different eyes now that I do not live in Singapore any more.


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