Monday, June 29, 2009

Singapore Part II - Chinatown

Looking back...

This is Singapore's Chinatown, looking younger and newer everyday, as if on some kind of anti-aging product. While I think we did a great job adhering to the authenticity of the architecture and feel of the market place in the restoration process, one can't help but notice that the original character of the neighbourhood is long gone.

Alas! The demands of the modern society...

The modern buildings in the CBD area rising over the old shophouses of Chinatown.

English names written in Chinese characters made into cards, from one of the many souvenir stalls targeting tourists.

Still standing strong & 31 storeys tall, the People's Park Complex (珍珠坊)as seen from Temple Street.

A feeling of nostalgia...
Most of the pre-war houses in this area had been converted into offices, boutique hotels, eateries or pubs.

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