Friday, July 31, 2009

Aranjuez ~ Take II

Two months ago, I had a post (check it here) which I mentioned I went to Aranjuez but it was raining heavily so I'll return another day. Well I did return (last weekend) but it was scorching hot this time. The afternoon heat was so unbearable that I think I spent not more than an hour out there.

Aranjuez is known as the R&R place for the Royal family of Spain, and it was inscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2001 because "The Aranjuez cultural landscape is an entity of complex relationships: between nature and human activity, between sinuous watercourses and geometric landscape design, between the rural and the urban, between forest landscape and the delicately modulated architecture of its palatial buildings."

There are much more to explore in Aranjuez though it is mainly visited for its Palacio Real and the impeccably pruned gardens around it. Also, being situated by the Tagus River, it is blessed with fertile soil for various plantations and it's famous particularly for its strawberries and asparagus. Yum!

First, a quick light lunch at Pikando
Lamb on skewers with cous-cous and Prawns in garlic olive oil.

Followed by an hour wandering around the Palace area.

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  1. Oooo some very great shots you have here, Fe! I see you're enjoying life alot! Continue with your great work~


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