Friday, July 10, 2009


The aqueduct is to Segovia what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

This symbolic Roman masterpiece was first put together during the 1st Century of our time, without cement or mortar. Its simple yet solid granite structure never fails to have me in awe everytime I visit it. I have visited Segovia 5 times, in summer and in winter. Somehow I'm just never tired of it, afterall it is a World Heritage Site.

Plaza del Azoguejo

Besides the Aqueduct, another imposing building that gives Segovia its character is The Alcazar. Sitting on top of a fortress, rising above the cliff, the birthplace of Kings and Princes..boy I'm enamoured. What can I say? I grew up on fairy tales...

Suits of armor on display in the castle

Stained glass windows of the rooms in the castle

The landscaping on castle grounds

The Gothic Catedral of Segovia

Wall fountains

Iglesia de la Vera Cruz (Church of the True Cross)

Close up of the Cross outside Iglesia de la Vera Cruz

Casa de los Picos (House of the peaks) named so because of its facade which is made of pointed stones. This was once a mansion dating back to the 15th Century but today it is an art gallery.
Tomorrow, I'm heading to Pamplona to check out the San Fermin / Bull Run. It's my first time there and I'm really not sure if I could even put myself in a good viewing spot, or if all I can see are the backs of the hundreds who get there before me. I also hope to return in one piece. Let's see...

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  1. Hi,, I went to Spain 10 years ago and I have vague memory of Segovia. Thank you for sharing your photos.


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