Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mar de Castilla, the Alcarria Region

Living in the city center, it's nice sometimes when you can get a chance to escape from the crazy city traffic and noise to somewhere much less crowded to unwind and to take in some fresh air. Last weekend, I did just that.

I went to an interesting scenic region not far from Madrid, where there's an expanse of water. This is where several rivers and lakes amalgamate forming what’s called “Mar de Castilla” - Sea of Castile.

Mar de Castilla in the Alcarria region serves as a reservoir and the water stored here is used for irrigation and for the production of hydro-electricity. Apart from its industrial purpose, it is also enjoyed in other ways.

Here you can observe three distinct landscape features: the wetlands, the countryside, and valleys formed by steep mountain slopes.

Surrounded by pine forests and natural parks, the whole area including the tranquil small towns near its banks make this an ideal place for a relaxing weekend as well as for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, horse riding, rock climbing and canoeing.


  1. Interesting shots. Could have been a reservoir in our park system in California! The resemblance and topography are suprisingly uncanny. Making me look forward even more to visiting Madrid in a few weeks.

    BTW, your Spotted! post was great with the colors. The beached whale was my favorite [wherever it was taken ;-)] it was just dreamy with the overcast sky. Don't have a panoramic version by chance? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, hope you'll have a great time here!

    Yeah I like the beached whale pic too. It's the only one I've got..spotted it while on the roads and I just had to stop the car jump out and snap it ;)


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