Saturday, November 21, 2009


Greek soldier boy guarding his Playmobil shop. [Spotted in Athens]

Beached rock whale. [Spotted in Santiago de Compostela along the coast of Galicia]

Urban Cow: "I love city life and make-up. Yeah..definitely the make-up."
[Spotted in Madrid]

Chica, you're next. [Spotted from inside the Aquarium souvenir store, San Sebastián]

Man engrossed in his reading, oblivious of his imminent danger.
[Spotted in the comics museum, Brussels]

I've got your back. [Statue spotted in San Sebastián]


  1. A beached whale in did you do that, as the city is at least 25km away from the coast?

  2. hey thanks for spotting that! you're right, it must be along the coast, somewhere between Muros - Cabo Finisterre - La Coruna!


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