Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Devil beckons...

...and it's hard to resist him. Here's yet another side track.

Spotted among massive outcrops of canyon along the way from Cuenca city to La Ciudad Encantada, this sign "Ventano del Diablo" literally translates to "Window of the Devil".

The Devil's window offers a stunning view on a precipice two hundred meters above ground, overlooking the Júcar River between a valley that is home to various species of flora & fauna.

Above: The "Devil's Window" as seen from another side of the canyon.

The hollowed-out holes of the canyon bear some resemblance to the empty eye sockets of a skull. Legend has it that this natural balcony is the work of the Devil, who tempts people to look over the cliff and hurls them over as they do.

Well never mind the ghoulish connotation, this place is definitely worth a look.

Above: In the Devil's den.

Above: View of the valley and river.

Above: The clear emerald waters of the Júcar River.

Above: Visible here are the emptied out caves that were previously used by farmers in this area.

Finally, escaping from the clutches of the Devil, I was determined to head straight to my original destination, La Ciudad Encantada...but did I?

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