Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cangas de Onís, Asturias {Part IV of VI}

Ignoring the ominous dark clouds, I left Mirador del Fito with one more stop to make before checking in at Potes. This was to a town called Cangas de Onís - one of the recommended stops in Frommer's guide book. Another blue star!

Although quite charming, there isn't very much to see in this small town apart from a handful of iconic monuments.

Despite that, I realised that Cangas de Onís seems to be the gateway to many other adventure activities around the area. They include mountain hiking, canoeing, quad biking, potholing, camping, fishing, tree top obstacle courses, etc.

Gosh, I'd need a whole week! Find out more here.

Above: The old footbridge, Puente Romano (Roman Bridge) over the river Sella.
Suspended from its middle is the 'Victory Cross', the emblem of Asturias.
Puente Romano is probably the most photographed structure in this town.

Above: Getting across the arched Puente Romano.

Above: View of another bridge for traffic use, from Puente Romano.

Above: You can't miss this - a shop selling 'the cheese of Asturias' and pretty much everything else locally produced and typical of the region.

Above: Here in the foreground is the statue of Don Pelayo, the first monarch of the Kingdom of Asturias. Behind the statue stands the tower of Palacio Pintu on the left, and the town's parish church on the right, with a 3 tier belfry.

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