Friday, August 19, 2011

Cochem, Germany

{Part 2 of an 8 part Summer Road Trip 2011 series. Click here to read the previous posts from the bottom up .}

After almost 2 hours drive west from Frankfurt, I arrived at the quaint little German town of Cochem, situated in a valley by the bend of the Mosel River.

Cochem has a history that dates back some 2,000 years and it is today a gorgeous vista of vineyards surrounding a pretty half timbered town. The most outstanding building in Cochem is the imposing Reichsburg Imperial Castle, sitting on a hill watching over the town. Originally built in the 11th century, this fairy-tale like castle was destroyed by French forces in 1689 but rebuilt in the 1870s.

Walking though the winding narrow alleys in the old town, you’ll notice parts of the preserved medieval walls, gates and towers, giving you an idea of how Cochem was once fortified.

After exploring the old town, I took a short hike up the hill for a view from higher ground.

Cochem does make a great stop-over town to visit if you have some time to spare. I'm glad I stopped by!

Next up, I'm off to check out the Roman ruins left in Germany's oldest town...

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