Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trier, Germany

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Located in west Germany near the Luxembourg border, historical Trier is said to be Germany's oldest town, with a past that dates back to 16 B.C.

In ancient history, Trier was referred to as "the second Rome", where the first Roman Emperor Constantine the Great once lived. Trier later came under French occupation until the year 1815, when it was subsequently proclaimed as part of the German Kingdom. In 1818, the German town saw the birth of Karl Marx, the founder of the theories of Marxism. Today, Trier is a pleasant and lively town that still boasts several well preserved Roman monuments which are inscribed in Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites.

With the limited amount of time I had at this stopover, I headed straight to the centre of Trier, the bustling Hauptmarkt or market square, and walked down Simeonstra├če, the pedestrianized street all the way to the town's most important Roman monument, Porta Nigra.

Above & Below: Right in the heart of the market square with tourist shops, attractive fruit and flower stalls.

Above & Below:
One of Trier's most important Roman monuments, the Porta Nigra or the 'Black Gate' - a 2nd century Roman city gate. The only remaining gate out of four that once existed, the Porta Nigra was saved from destruction by a much revered Greek hermit monk who went to live in its ruins.

Above: The romanesque Cathedral of St. Peter (the oldest in Germany) and the gothic Church of Our Lady of Trier on the right.

The Cathedral of Trier apparently houses the Holy Robe of Christ (which I didn't get to see) which draws many pilgrims.

Above: The ornate baroque domed ceiling inside the Cathedral.

The other sites to visit in Trier include the Roman baths and Amphitheatre, the Roman palace Basilica Aula Palatina, and also the house of Karl Marx.
But alas! I had run out of time as I had to move on to my next destination, Luxembourg!

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