Friday, September 30, 2011

Porsche Museum @ Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany

{Part 8 of an 8 part Summer Road Trip 2011 series. YAY! Click here to read the previous posts from the bottom up.}

Crossing back into German border, we head towards one of our trip's most anticipated stops in the north of Stuttgart city. There was really only ONE reason why we came here.

It's none other than for the Home of Porsche!

Above and below: The exterior of the Porsche Museum and the Porsche Showroom on the opposite side of the road. The architecture of the museum itself is a work of art and its avant-garde, sloping form actually reminded me of an indoor ski slope in Madrid.

The interior of the museum is pretty neat too. Its clean, barrier-less and minimalist look allows one to go up close and truly admire each car in all it's glory.

Tickets cost €8 and audio guides can be rented in addition to the brief text descriptions next to each exhibit. The museum takes you through the history of the brand and evolution of the cars from the early days to present time.

Above: Resembling an alien abduction scene, this cool device is designed to give you a sensory experience of the Porsche engine when revved. You can feel the vibrations beneathe your feet and hear the sound from the overhead speakers.

From here, you can see that the museum is actually 3 storeys high and you basically walk up in a spiral way and go back down to the main lobby via the escalator.

Back down at the lobby area, there is a restaurant as well as a bistro if you just want a quick snack and drink. Of course, last but not least, it's a must for all Porsche aficionados to check out the museum shop.

Take home your favourite Porsche for 5 euros! The miniature version that is.

After visiting the museum, it took about 20min to get from the museum site to Stuttgart city center. Being a Sunday however, all the shops were unfortunately closed and it was all quiet apart from an outdoor Mercedes-Benz fair that was incidently happening at 'Karlsplatz' square.

There were car exhibits, a stage set-up, food and drinks stalls and people were forming queues...I can't even find out what they were queuing for before it started to pour! Heavily! It's a shame I can't share any pictures of the city, maybe next time.

From Stuttgart, we headed back to Frankfurt for the evening before taking a flight back to Madrid the next day.

So that's it! This post wraps up my summer road trip covering parts of Germany, Luxembourg and France. Hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. I must say that I drove past this museum countless times in my 2 years living in Stuttgart and never thought to visit. How stupid was that?

    Will try to do so if we should return to the city.

  2. Well it’s good to leave some places unexplored so there’s always something to come back for :)


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