Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Strasbourg, Alsace Region, France

{Part 7 of an 8 part Summer Road Trip 2011 series. Click here to read the previous posts from the bottom up.}

Leaving the city of Nancy in Lorraine, we continued our journey into the Alsace region of France, to the city of Strasbourg. Oh how I love Strasbourg!

Touristy without being too tacky, Strasbourg looks as pretty as a picture and offers so much to see and do. Its vibrant atmosphere, delectable cuisine plus a variety of attractions are sure to captivate you. From historical monuments to museums, a stroll by the river to a walk in the park, rustic restaurants to trendy wine bars, flea-markets to up-market shopping, the charming quarter of Petite France to the student district of Krutenau, my two nights stay was simply not enough!

The unique flavour of this Alsatian capital city is derived from a blend of both its Latin and Germanic identities. Not surprisingly, the entire historical center of Strasbourg known as the Grande Île (Grand Island) in the middle of the River Ill is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best explored on foot, it is also possible to hop on a mini-tram to discover the city center or perhaps even better, take the Batorama boat cruise for a fantastic view of Strasbourg’s charming riverbanks from the River Ill!

Above: The bustling Rue du Maroquin, lined with hotels and restaurants.

Above: The Cathedral of Notre Dame, towering over the city at a height of 142 metres, is a masterpiece constructed with rosy red blocks of stone. It takes 332 steps to climb up to the top of its tower.

Above & Below: The Riverbanks of Strasbourg.

Above & Below: The produce market by the riverbank.

Above: Les Ponts Couverts or 'The Covered Bridges' with its 3 defensive towers.

Above: The L'Ancienne Douane or 'Old Customs House' which once housed the port & taxes authorities. Today it houses a restaurant and it does look a little more welcoming on the other side.

Above: Saint Paul's Church.

Above: The European Parliament building.

Above: The Petite France quarter with streets lined with half-timbered houses from the 16th & 17th centuries.

Above & Below: Picturesque views from the river.

Above: Some of my favourite dishes & snacks!
Magret de canard, escargot, seafood, gingerbread men, pretzel donuts!!!

Next up after Strasbourg, we make our way back into the German border. But before heading back to Frankfurt where we first took off on this road trip, there's just one more final stop to make - Stuttgart!

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  1. love your posts! We were in Strasbourg last year and it was a very beautiful place to see!

    Zannnie & Zsolt (ZIN)


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