Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singapore Part III - Night Out!

There're lots of great places in Singapore for stunning night shots and one of them is along the Singapore river. If you walk along it, there are about 7 bridges spread out from the mouth of the river running into the heart of the city and most of them are beautifully illuminated at night.
Pity I didn't know in advance that I'm coming here and I only have my digicam with me that night. I don't have the habit of bringing my tripod out anyway, so I'll have to make do with these.

MICA Building and Coleman Bridge over the Singapore River.

I simply love this building! This neo-classical style building has been through several renovations and has seen many changes in occupants. Today, it is known as the MICA (Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts) building and it has a total of 911 colouful windows if anyone is interested to know.

Elgin Bridge in the distance, as seen from High Street over the Singapore river.
(I love how in the far end, there are 3 lighted buildings still under construction with cranes on top of them, looking like giant robots.)

Read Bridge with Riverside Point in the background.
Part of the Marina Barrage on the left and the Singapore Flyer in the distance on the right.
Digressing from the traditional nature themed reservoirs, this new urban reservoir is all about clean & slick architecture lines. Apart from being a state of the art reservoir for managing the city's water supply, it also has a dam to control flooding AND functions as a recreational venue for outdoor activities, sea sports and special events. Pretty neat.
(Check it out - the 3 giant robots are here again!)

Orchard Central - another soon to open shopping mall on Orchard Road.

Lastly, a place I've not been to in a loooong while - the outdoor dining area at Lau Pa Sat.

'Water Wally', the water droplet mascot used as floating lamps all around Marina Barrage.

ION Orchard (opening soon) - looking quite Gaudi-ish with its irregular fa├žade lacking symmetry or sharp angles.

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