Monday, June 7, 2010

The Enchanted City, Cuenca Province

I’ve marvelled at the architectural oddity of the Hanging Houses of Cuenca.
I’ve walked the grounds of the Monastery of Uclés in awe.
I was lured by the Devil to the Ventano del Diablo and beheld a wicked view from its den.
I day dreamed of spending a tranquil afternoon exploring Uña.

After all that, I finally made it to La Ciudad Encantada (The Enchanted City).
Yes, finally!

La Ciudad Encantada is an unusual & fascinating geological landscape which consists of a group of phenomenal rock formations resembling humans, animals and various objects (or whatever your imagination tells you). These are actually limestone rocks that are sculpted into strange forms by wind and water erosion over time, thousands of years ago. I can only imagine what this ‘City’ actually looked like back then.

Above: Upon entry, the first rock you'll see is this iconic top heavy, 'Tormo Alto'.

Above: One of the 'Mushrooms'.

Above: The 'Roman Bridge'.

Above left: Walking in between the stone walls.
Above right: The 'Convent'.

Above: The 'Crocodile and Elephant'.

Above: This one seems pretty obvious to me. It's 'The Bear'.

Above: The side profile of a pair of 'Lovers'.

Entrance to the park costs 3euros and if you follow the marked signposts and path, you’re likely to complete it in under 2 hours (the route is estimated to be 3km long).

I had an absolutely enchanting experience indeed. Thank you, Mother Nature!

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