Thursday, September 8, 2011

Luxembourg City, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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One of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg (officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is landlocked, bordered by Germany, Belgium and France. Luxembourg City, its capital, is the cultural, financial and political centre of the country.

The city's fortifications and impressive underground defence system in the old quarter reveal remnants of various European military architecture spanning several centuries and several dominions. This intriguing, cross-cultural past of Luxembourg City had left it with a number of historical monuments which are currently listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Coupled with a gorgeous and lush natural landscape consisting of parks, rivers and valleys, Luxembourg City makes a great destination to pleasure in both history and scenery.

Above: The City Palace located at Place d'Armes.

Above: Equestrain statue of the King and Grand Duke William II.

Above, centre: The Palace of the Grand Dukes.

Above: What an enchanting view! I love the greenery and how the city appears to be set on different levels.

Above: The Adolphe Bridge.

Above: Clock tower of Place de Metz as seen from across the valley at the Constitution Square.

Above: The Gëlle Fra Memorial commemorating Luxembourg's soldiers who perished in WWI.

Above: The 'corniche' defence walls on the right provides an amazing view of the Alzette Valley.

Above: A gorgeous view over the Neumünster Abbey at the Grund quarter of Luxembourg City.

Above: The Passerelle or Luxembourg Viaduct, built over the valley.

Above: Dinner at Am Tiirmschen Luxembourgish Restaurant.

Perhaps much like its language, Luxembourgish cuisine is somewhat French and German influenced. At Am Tiirmschen Restaurant (recommended by the staff at our hotel) we tried the pan fried foie gras, sea scallops with risotto and puff pastry with mushrooms & chicken in cream sauce. Everything was absolutely delish! Just what I needed to whet my appetite before I move on to my next destination - France!

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