Thursday, September 15, 2011

Metz, Lorraine Region, France

{Part 5 of an 8 part Summer Road Trip 2011 series. Click here to read the previous posts from the bottom up.}

Here's a quick re-cap >> I set off on this road-trip starting from Frankfurt in Germany, travelled to Cochem and Trier, then crossed the border to Luxembourg City, and at this point I'm across yet another border into France.

So I've made it to in Metz (pronounced 'Mess') - the capital of the Lorraine Region in France!

Since I was starving by the time I arrived, I could only think of one thing - to sink my teeth into an authentic quiche Lorraine!

Above: My Quiche Lorraine with salad and french fries.

I randomly walked into an alfresco bistro and ordered a quiche lorraine which I happened to be really pleased with. I liked the thickness & portion of the quiche, and how the richness of the filling was not too overwhelming. It was just perfect!

So after a quick but satisfying lunch, we were ready to check out the city of Metz.

The history of Metz dates back some 3,000 years and it is known to be one of the birthplaces of the Gregorian chant. In the 13th century, Metz became an independent republic but was subsequently caught in the tug of war between France and Germany in the centuries that follow. It was eventually taken over by the French in 1944, and grew steadily to become an industrialised city.

Also home to the University of Lorraine, Metz is today a vibrant city with a rich heritage.

Above: The Cathedral of Saint Etienne, the impressive centerpiece on Place d'Armes.

Above: Temple Neuf located on the tiny strip of island called Petit Saulcy, in the middle of the Moselle River.

Above: Also on the island is France's oldest Opera theatre, built in the 18th century on Place de la Com├ędie.

Above: Moyen Pont, the fortified 'Middle Bridge'.

Above: A row of sturdy buildings along the river at Les Roches district as seen from the island of Petit Saulcy.

Apparently the city of Metz lights up pretty nicely at night, but unfortunately I wasn’t planning on staying the night here. Instead, I’m off to Nancy…

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